Throughout my life, I have sought comfort in the things and places that bring me immense amounts of joy. Of these, I have always felt most strongly about water. Through moments spent out on the boat, at the pier, on the beach, trekking through freezing rivers and looking down on massive lakes from peaks, I have come to know some of my most intimate truths.

In “Body of Water,” I affirm that these momentous understandings were in large part a result of my deep relationship with water. From “New Beginnings” to “Closure,” I cover a year that was filled with much uncertainty and emotional strife. As I explored this process of rediscovery, I delved into the changes I underwent and figured out what I took from them. 

Thus, “Body of Water” is a personal statement that attests to the power of nature and my relationship with it, while sharing some of my findings from a turbulent year.