Vintage Blue is a community-focused business run by a diverse group of UNC–Chapel Hill students. VB sells vintage Carolina gear via social media, designs original apparel, reveals the stories of unique individuals in the community and hosts various events to connect with our audience. We are devoted to giving students a platform where they can express themselves with style and inspire by sharing stories.

Co-Founder / Creative Director (May 2019 - present)

In the Spring of 2018, I co-founded Vintage Blue. Today, I am serving on VB’s Board as the Creative Director. I work to ensure that the aesthetic we cultivate is cohesive throughout our creative teams – Product Design, Events and “Originals” – by managing creative strategy and content ideation. I am currently working to establish new spaces and channels for creative expression in the upcoming year.

Editor In Chief (January 2018 - December 2018)

Throughout Vintage Blue’s first year of operations I served on Vintage Blue’s Board as the Editor in Chief. During this time, Kenny Barone and I established the “Originals” platform – a blog space for feature stories about prominent members of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill community. Together with Tyler Trocinski, we conducted interviews with sixteen individuals and produced fourteen pieces – seven about campus leaders and one for each of the artists featured at our “Intersections” exhibition.

Creative and Content Lead (January 2018 - April 2019)

In the Spring of 2019, I formally began serving on Vintage Blue’s Board as the Creative and Content Lead – continuing my work as the lead photographer and overseeing a team of content developers, videographers and writers. During this semester, we published three “Originals,” including one featuring our first short documentary. Alongside this, I curated media content for our social media channels and online portfolios and produced copy for events and presentations.

Over the years, we have been relentlessly committed to being a net-positive brand by promoting sustainability in everything we do. Each piece of gear that we sell has been recycled in some way. From our vintage thrifted pieces which have been previously loved, to working with artists to create “up-cycled” products and onto partnering with companies for our original apparel lines to make gear that is made from 100% repurposed materials, through VB I have personally recognized how practices within a business can be both responsible and creative. 

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